About Initiative

GST is a reform of far reaching consequence. It will have profound  impact on MSMEs: on their competitiveness, scale of economies, market access including cash flows. There is a critical need to undertake a comprehensive support programme to focusing three thematic areas:

  1. Awareness creation to elicit concerns and apprehensions
  2. Advocacy to policy makers to accommodate MSMEs’ concerns
  3. Capacity building

Therefore, SIDBI– India’s premier development finance institutions dedicated to MSMEs, and the FISME– the largest network of MSME associations, joined hands to organize awareness campaign, establish MSME Forum on GST to keep track of developments and develop a support system. Such a system may consist of a practical guide for MSMEs on GST, a helpline where MSMEs can ask questions and support portal to interact and also disseminate knowledge.

The SIDBI-FISME campaign to support MSMEs on GST was launched in October 2016.