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    This article concerns itself with the JSON errors that you may face while filing GSTR-2. We have discussed the various problems that you may encounter and have also tried to provide the solutions.

    So, here goes:

    1) E.N: RET291190; M.G: Checksum mismatch. Unable to process.

    What is the error?

    You are trying to save your GSTR-2 based on old data.


    You need to download GSTR-2A, reconcile and save the data.

    2) E.N: RET291252; M.G:Receiver is not allowed to accept modified invoices/notes

    What is the error?

    The GSTN has accepted the invoice was earlier modified and then accepted. You are not allowed to accept it immediately after you modify the invoice.


    You have to go to GSTN, reject the invoice and upload it again to accept the supplier’s values.

    3) A person may see ‘Error in JSON structure validation’ while uploading the JSON file in the GST portal after downloading GSTR-2A from the portal and reconciling data.

    Solution: You van download GSTR-2 instead of GSTR-2A and use it for reconciliation.

    4) The Status may appear as ‘Processed with Error’ while a person is uploading invoices related to CDNR and CDNUR.

    What is the error?

    This problem happens when invoice numbers are already available in GSTR-1 and GSTR-2 or if there is a mismatch in tax details.


    Download the error report from the GST portal; get the GSTINs and the associated invoice numbers from the GST offline tool; in the GST portal, upload the relevant GSTIN and Invoice Number and take the required action.

    5) E.N: RET291107; M.G: Invoice No.(s) already exist in GSTR or 5 of 072017

    What is the error?

    You need to change the invoice number as supplier as already used it for some other purpose. Solution:

    You can modify the invoice number and upload it again to claim provisional ITC.

    6) E.N: RET291109; M.G: The GSTIN of supplier is invalid.

    Solution: You will have to enter the correct GSTIN of your supplier.

    7) E.N: RET291240; M.G: If PoS and Receiver States are Different then Eligibilty Should be None

    What is the error?

    The GST law prohibits one from claiming ITC if place of supply mentioned in the invoice is not the same as the GSTIN state.


    a) You can edit the ITC to be ineligible and upload it again.

    b) However, if you wish to claim the credit provisionally, you must reject this invoice and add a new purchase invoice with your state as place of supply. A different invoice number have to be used.

    8) E.N: RET291131; M.G: Date is invalid. Date of invoice cannot exceed the current tax period and be older than 18 months.

    What is the error?

    This happens when the purchase invoice date is not within the return period. For example: If you are filing GSTR-2 for August, the date should not be within 1st and 31th August.


    You have to ensure that the date mentioned in the purchase invoice is within the return period.

    9) E.N: RET291114; M.G: Date is invalid. Date of invoice is prior to the date of registration of the supplier.

    What is the error?

    Date mentioned in invoice is before the date the supplier got registered under GST.

    Solution: You have to change the date and upload again.

    P.S: Abbreviations used: E.N – Error Number; M.G – Message from GSTN

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